Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policies

A. Hotels and Accommodations 
Hotel cancellation policies vary. Certain reservations are non-cancellable and non-changeable. Others require you to pay a penalty if you cancel. Still others are fully refundable. Check the hotel cancellation policy when you book.
 You may cancel or change your prepaid hotel reservation, but you will be charged the cancellation or change fee indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. If you do not cancel or change your reservation before the cancellation policy period applicable to the hotel you reserved, which varies by hotel (usually 24 to 72 hours) prior to your date of arrival, you will be subject to a charge equal to applicable nightly rates, tax recovery charges and service fees. In the event you do not show for the first night of the reservation and plan to check-in for subsequent nights in your reservation, you must confirm the reservation changes with us no later than the date of the first night of the reservation to prevent cancellation of your reservation. You agree to pay any cancellation or change fees that you incur. In limited cases, some hotels do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made, as indicated in the rules and restrictions for the hotel reservation. You agree to abide by the Terms of Use imposed with respect to your prepaid hotel reservations. 
Sales, use and/or local hotel occupancy taxes are imposed on the amounts that we charge for our services (service fee and/or facilitation fee) in certain jurisdictions. The actual tax amounts on our services may vary depending on the rates in effect at the time of your hotel stay. You may not book reservations for more than 8 rooms online for the same hotel/stay dates. If we determine that you have booked reservations for more than 8 rooms in total in separate reservations, we may cancel your reservations, and charge you a cancellation fee, if applicable. If you paid a non-refundable deposit, your deposit will be forfeited. If you wish to book reservations for 9 or more rooms, you must contact Book Iran Trip’s group travel specialists by Email or by filling out the group travel form online. One of our group travel specialists will research your request and contact you to complete your reservation. You may be asked to sign a written contract and/or pay a nonrefundable deposit. Some hotel suppliers may require you to present a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional expenses incurred during your stay. Such deposit is unrelated to any payment received by Book Iran Trip B.V. for your hotel booking.
B. Flight Tickets 
Flight cancellation fees vary depending on the airline, class, and the time of cancelation. Depends on mentioned items cancelation fees varies 10-30 % one day before flight date and 20-50 % three hours before flight time.
Fares quoted are not guaranteed until Ticket(S) is issued and may subject to changes. 
Booking/ Admin Fees are applicable and are non-refundable. 
All flight bookings are deemed tentative and may be subject to auto-cancellation at any time, without any charges to you except for Booking/ Admin Fees, unless the air tickets had been issued.

Flight Schedule Change 

Passengers are advised to recheck with our staff for any changes or updates in the airlines flight a day or 2 before their actual departure date.

Airlines reserve the right to cancel, reroute or alter the timing of their flights even after the tickets had been issued. In the event of such, airlines may provide alternative flights for your consideration. If you do not wish to accept the alternative, fare's cancellation and amendment policy will still apply. Note that there will be an administrative fee, on top of the fare's cancellation or amendment fee, if any, if you wish to cancel or amend your flight. 

Penalty & Charges 

Once tickets are issued, any amendment and/or cancellation of the bookings would incur airline penalty charges and the company's booking/administration fees. 

All requests for amendments are subjected to the airline's approval. 

C. Tour and Packaged Service
Cancellations by the Customer

However, cancellation fees will apply and it is computed based on the length of notice period given prior to the departure. 

Up to 30 days: 5%
From 30 to 20 days prior to Arrival day: 25%.
From 19 to 8 days prior to Arrival day: 50%.
From 7 days to 2 days prior to Arrival day: 75%.
Less than 2 days or No Show: 100 % of total Amount.

Cancellations by Book Iran Trip or Suppliers/Third Parties

Please note that we are acting as an agent for services rendered. Even after deposit or full payment has been made, all arrangements are still subject to final confirmation. If due to some unforeseeable circumstances the arrangement cannot be finalised and the reservation has to be cancelled, we will endeavor to notify you at least 1 week before departure. 
We reserve the right to cancel any services prior to departure date for any reason including but not limited to insufficient numbers of participants. We may, if it so decides, recommend alternative tours. 
We may recommend alternative tours either to the same destination or other tours, based on current tour fare. In the case of a free and easy tour, accommodation and all other tour services are strictly upon request and subject to confirmation. We may recommend alternatives if available. Please note that surcharges may apply on a case by case basis and you will be advised accordingly.  
Should you decide not to accept the alternatives, all refund will be made accordingly by the Company and without further obligations.
Book Iran Trip shall also not be held liable for any contingent costs incurred by the Customer arising from the cancellation. The Customer shall receive the refund within 4 to 6 weeks upon Book Iran Trip notifying the Customer of the tour cancellation. Save as stated herein, we shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages or costs sustained by the Customer. 


No refund will be made with respect to accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours or any other services included in the tour fare but not utilized by the Customer, either in part or full, or where the Customer amends, cancels or otherwise varies arrangements after commencement of the tour. 
Upon cancellation, we will refund the deposit paid according to charges stipulated on section 2. All refunds will be paid to you within two (2) weeks to a month. However, during the peak period, refunds may take around six weeks to be paid. 
Book Iran Trip acts as an agent for the airlines. All refund on Air Tickets may take around 1 to 3 months depending on individual airlines 
For payment made by credit cards, refunds will be made through the credit card company, approximately within 4 to 6 weeks, or approximately two months, during the peak periods. 

D. Bus Service:
The rules for Refunding are now as follows: if you cancel one hour before your ticket, 10% and after that 50% of the ticket amount will be deducted.
No refunds are possible if purchases are purchased through a gift card or cards that have a blocked account.
The payment will be returned to your account within 72 hours.
The ticket will be returned to the account, which is made upon purchase of the payment.
Only refundable tickets purchased through this system.

E. Car Rental and transfer
Cancellation Fee: Before 72 hours it costs 5.00€, Before 24 hours it costs 13.00€ and after that costs 26.00€.
Delay in return fee up to 4 hours is 8.00€ per hour, and more than 4 hours cost as a day for 63.66€
In case of not attending at delivery time up to 3 hours the renter is charged for 52.66€ and this will be added to that renter’s record.
Car hire deposit amount can be anything from €700 to €3300 in some cases even more. The amount depends on the type of car, the country you’re renting in and the car rental company.

F. Visa Services:
 The Visa processing fee is non-refundable, non-transferable in case of rejection.